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  Auction House Hertfordshire 

The current auction house is well known for its customer service, quality products and friendly environment. Professional staff offer support whenever you need it. Staff will provide you with information over the phone or in person depending on your schedule. Customers know they will receive great service whenever they enter their local auction house.  


Service which exceeds your expectations 


Customers are often surprised by the warmth they receive during their shopping expedition. Staff pride themselves on their ability to make your shopping experience as great as possible. You will likely receive service which is second to none.  


Scheduled Auctions 


Customers have the chance to attend auctions every month or whenever they have time to do so. You can view the various items online to determine whether they are for you. Your local aution house allows you to purchase products privately if you prefer to do so. 




Experts will provide you with a quality valuation service when you need it. Staff will provide you with an estimate as well as advice about how to increase your object's value. Local auction house staff will refer you to other experts with specific knowledge of your item. 

Vintage Jewelry
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